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/Another 400MW order! The largest photovoltaic project in Chile adopts the solution of 1500V sunshine power supply

Another 400MW order! The largest photovoltaic project in Chile adopts the solution of 1500V sunshine power supply

May 15, 2019

Good news for Chile market again! Recently, sunshine power and ENEL signed a 400MW supply agreement to provide 1500V solutions for Chile's largest photovoltaic project.It is the first 1500V solar power project to be awarded overseas, following several hundred megawatt projects in the United States, Spain, India and Vietnam.At present, the global accumulative application of sunshine power supply 1500V solution has exceeded 5GW.

As the third largest power company in the world, ENEL is the only energy company in Europe that has passed the ISO14001 certification, and its only standard for finding partners is the high standard of products and services.The project is located in the atacama desert, known as the "world's dry extreme".After careful investigation, analysis and comparison of the products and services of several global photovoltaic enterprises, ENEL finally chose the solution of sunshine power system.Sunshine power supply provides the overall solution of 1500V 6.25mw for this project. With the integrated design of "reverse" and "variable", the system cost is excellent, and it is a sharp tool for the large ground power station to reduce cost and increase efficiency, which is very suitable for the local high-temperature and high-altitude climate environment.In addition, the solution also conforms to local seismic design codes and effectively responds to various adverse environments.With high quality products and fast delivery capacity, sunshine power has won ENEL's continuous trust, and the two sides will further deepen cooperation in North America, Europe and other regions.In the future, sunshine power will continue to strengthen technological innovation, deepen the layout of South America and the global photovoltaic market, to provide more advanced solutions for global customers, power pv affordable Internet era comprehensive arrival!

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