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Carver, Minnesota, USA

Jan 23, 2019

A large 5MW photovoltaic Power station, provided by Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., was successfully connected to the grid in carver, Massachusetts. With an installed capacity of 5MW, the plant is expected to provide more than 100 million KWH of clean power to the grid in the next 20 years. It is also the largest photovoltaic power generation project in North America with the largest number of Chinese photovoltaic inverters.


The project is located in a landfill in Plymouth street, carver city. It USES waste land resources to develop and build a solar photovoltaic power station on the ground, which is green and safe and meets the development trend of clean power in the future. The project adopts ten 500kW photovoltaic grid-connected inverters of SUNGROW brand. The inverter is one of the fist products of Sungrow, high conversion efficiency, high efficient MPPT control strategy, system reliability, integrated power the world's leading, can fully meet the north American power grid and control access to the latest standards, can effectively reduce the risk of power plant operation to upgrade or modification later, guarantees the stable operation of power station and high output.

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