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/Layout of the overseas high-end market sungrow with heavy new products appeared in the United States ESA energy exhibition

Layout of the overseas high-end market sungrow with heavy new products appeared in the United States ESA energy exhibition

May 15, 2019

April 16, the world's most influential ESA energy storage summit and exhibition in the United States held in phoenix, Arizona, the sun power to launch a new power station level light storage integration and table after the industrial and commercial energy storage system solutions, as soon as the release of the attention, attracting many industry experts stop to visit.

Thanks to favorable policies, the north American energy storage industry has developed rapidly and become the world's largest energy storage market.At present, sunshine power supply in this region has formed a comprehensive layout combining industry and commerce, power grid side energy storage and power generation side light storage market, and has been recognized by mainstream customer groups.Up to now, sunshine power supply has delivered and installed more than 200MWh of system grade products in North America.Projects in Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Florida, California, Ontario, Canada and many other mainstream markets in North America.In terms of industrial and commercial energy storage market, sunshine power has occupied more than 15% of the north American market share, and continues to grow.In terms of power storage, sunshine power has successfully connected to the grid to run the largest energy storage project in Texas, with a scale of 42MWh.Deeply rooted in the field of energy storage system integration, sunshine power continues to provide customers with the most advanced solutions.According to the demand of north American market, sunshine power supply continuously strengthens and perfects the integration scheme and product of industry and commerce and grid-side energy storage system.In this exhibition, the sunlight power supply launched the direct-current coupling optical storage system, which supports the direct parallel connection of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic inverters to the energy storage system without changing the current photovoltaic power station ac side configuration, and can be compatible with centralized or serial photovoltaic inverters.As a strong force in clean power conversion technology, sunshine power has always attached great importance to the high-end energy storage market in North America and built benchmark demonstration projects in North America with the world-leading energy storage technology.In the future, sunshine power will use advanced technology and products to enable more countries and regions to enjoy clean electricity.

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