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Sungrow 1500V box inverter new products shine the world future energy exhibition

Jan 23, 2019

On January 14, the Middle East and north Africa's biggest and strongest, most influential, radiation of the world future energy exhibition (WFES), in the grand opening of the united Arab emirates ABU dhabi national exhibition centre, sun power supply with large ground power station, industrial and commercial power and energy storage system solutions, and introduced a 1500 v box medium voltage inverter SG3850HV - MV, attracted a large audience stop consultation.

The sg3850hv-mv rated power is 3.85MW. The integrated design of "inverse" and "variable" is adopted to facilitate transportation and installation, meeting the stringent requirements of the Middle East and north Africa region on system and operation and maintenance cost. IP65 protection, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment; The highest conversion efficiency is 99%, and the maximum support is 1.8 times over allocation, which can be regarded as a sharp tool for reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of large flat ground power stations.

The Middle East and north Africa (mena) region is one of the world's most visible emerging photovoltaic markets, with data showing that solar energy will become one of the most competitive energy sources in the region between 2025 and 2030. Sunpower has already established an early presence in the region, with extensive project application experience in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria and other countries, and set up an office in dubai in 2018. In the future, Sungrow will continue to be close to the needs of customers, accelerate the globalization layout, promote the development of global green energy industry, let everyone enjoy clean power era as soon as possible!

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