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Sungrow and three gorges new energy jointly built the largest photovoltaic leader project in China

Jan 23, 2019

On December 29, the "leader" base project of 500MW photovoltaic application in golmud, qinghai, which was jointly developed and constructed by Sungrow and three gorges new energy, was successfully connected to the grid for power generation.

It is reported that the 500MW project in golmu, qinghai has set a record for the lowest electricity price in the history of pv bidding in China, and the three gorges new energy/Sungrow supply complex won the bid with the electricity price of 0.31 yuan /kWh lower than the local electricity price of desulfurized coal. In order to maintain a good rate of return under the condition of this electricity price, Sungrow supply, as the unit that monopolizes the design and construction of this project, tries its best to overcome multiple constraints such as traditional investment, technology and land use, and actively promotes the completion and grid-connection of the project, fully demonstrating the strong r&d technology, innovation strength and industrialization ability of the enterprise.

Is particularly worth mentioning is, in view of the "leader" technical standards and the plateau environment restriction, give full play to its own sun power system integration technology advantages, a higher level of integration, the whole life cycle of higher reliability and lower cost solution, by using self-developed box medium voltage inverter and 1500 v photovoltaic inverter system, single axle advanced intelligent tracking system, volume ratio optimization scheme, were the first to design their "sanxin" super wisdom pv system integration solutions, the solution integration, integration, optimization of the leading industry of the new technology, new materials, new equipment, makes the system comprehensive costs fell by more than 5.3%, The comprehensive efficiency was improved by over 9%, the LCOE of the project was significantly reduced, the brand image of the "leader" base was greatly enhanced, and it became a typical sample to promote China's energy transformation and upgrading!

The successful grid-connection of golmud project is the result of the joint efforts of yangguang power and three gorges group with the support of haixi and golmud city government and relevant departments. The two sides have made full use of local natural resource endowments, made continuous use of their respective advantages in technology, management and talent, and made active innovation and resource sharing in development mode, technical plan, engineering construction, operation and maintenance management, and jointly created a "green business card" for China's new energy development. It is estimated that after the project is fully put into operation, it is expected to export about 1 billion KWH of green power every year and reduce carbon dioxide by nearly 840,000 tons, truly becoming an oasis in the gobi plateau of qinghai.

As a demonstration platform to promote technological progress and cost reduction in the photovoltaic industry, the "leader" project is an "accelerator" leading industrial upgrading. Sungrow supply has been in shanxi datong, yangquan, shandong jining, anhui lianghuai and other places won many "leader" projects, has accumulated very rich experience and technology. The successful grid-connection of the "leader" project in golm marks a significant breakthrough in solar power system integration and whole-life cycle solutions in photovoltaic power stations, which will help lead China's photovoltaic industry to the middle and high end of the value chain, and build up momentum for the industry to move towards affordable Internet access and high-quality development.

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