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Sungrow India factory officially put into production

Jan 23, 2019

On July 27th, Sungrow held a grand production ceremony in the plant in bangalore, India. The plant has an annual capacity of 3GW, which is the photovoltaic inverter manufacturing base invested by Sungrow in overseas construction, marking a new milestone for the company's business development in India and even the whole overseas market.

As we all know, India has abundant solar energy resources and huge market demand, and it is one of the most eye-catching photovoltaic markets in the world. According to the Indian government's plan, the installed capacity of pv in India will reach 100GW by 2022. As an international inverter enterprise that entered the Indian market earlier,Sungrow has become one of the most popular inverter suppliers in the local market by virtue of its strong r&d and innovation strength and time-tested product quality. At present, the installed capacity of Sungrow supply in India has exceeded 2GW, and it has participated in many local pv benchmark projects. The establishment of the plant in India is not only because India is one of the strategic priorities for the overseas expansion of Sungrow, but also an important measure taken by Sungrow to get close to the market and better serve local and even global customers.
New factories to keep the sun power consistent high standards in the field of technology and operation, not only can bring local customers more quality products and fast service experience, also can achieve global supply, further improve the sunlight power global delivery capabilities, risks effectively deal with complex international trade situation and challenges, firm the confidence of the customers worldwide to cooperate with sun power. In addition, the factory will create many local jobs and promote local manufacturing, which is strongly supported and recognized by the local government.
As a leading force in clean power conversion technology,Sungrow products and services have covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with a total installed capacity of over 68GW of inverter equipment globally. In the future, Sungrow will continue to be close to customers, local service, promote the global green energy industry development, so that everyone can enjoy the clean power era as soon as possible!

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