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Sungrow power with light storage of new products to Munich appointment

May 23, 2019
On May 15, Intersolar Europe, an annual event of the global photovoltaic industry, was held in Munich, Germany.

Sungrow power supply with new inverter, energy storage system, floating body and other top products and solutions to participate in the exhibition, add new technology for the event, attracted the attention of customers from around the world.

The whole series of photovoltaic products meet diverse needs.

As the world's top solar industry exhibition, Intersolar Europe is not only the most important platform for communication in the photovoltaic industry, but also a bellwether of the industry.At the exhibition site, sunshine power led the photovoltaic technology innovation again, and released the SG250HX series inverter with the largest power in the world, which is 1500V.This product USES the sungrow power supply consistent intelligent air cooling technology, effectively responds to the power increase to the inverter brought by the high heat demand, low temperature rise, long life, multiple power generation;IP66 protection and C5 anti-corrosion grade design, high protection, easy operation and maintenance;At the same time, it supports the 6.3mw square array design with low investment cost.

In addition, according to the diversified application demand of photovoltaic scene in Europe, the series of family products brought by sungrow power supply shine all over the place: household three-phase light storage all-in-one machine SH10RT, which can form a complete photovoltaic energy storage system together with the battery pack, greatly improving the self-use rate of household power station, saving users' electricity cost and improving power generation efficiency;With multi-channel MPPT SG50CX and SG110CX, the power generation is more efficient, bringing higher profits for industrial and commercial customers;The world's leading floating products and floating system solutions can meet the needs of many surface power stations in Europe.

Energy storage system solutions are well recognized by the market

Thanks to policy initiatives, the proportion of energy storage in the European market for ancillary services is increasing.Based on the deep cultivation of the local market, sunshine power displayed the large energy storage system ST5480KWH- 5000hv-mv on the site. The system adopts integrated design, highly integrated energy storage converter, lithium battery, energy management system, intelligent temperature control system, etc. The installation site is flexible, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment cost.At the same time, industrial and commercial energy storage products st68kwh-50hv were also brought.By the end of 2018, sunshine power has provided energy storage system solutions for Germany's 20MW/10MWh, Britain's 27MW/30MWh and many other MW projects, which are well recognized by the local market.

As we all know, Europe is an important clean energy market in the world. It has a high market access threshold and attaches great importance to product quality and service.At present, sungrow power has established branches in Germany, France, Italy and other countries, with high-quality products and services among the forefront of the European market.In the future, sungrow power will continue to increase its efforts in innovation and bring more first-class products and solutions to the European and global clean energy market, clean power for all!

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