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Sungrow set up a localized integrated service center in the United States

Jan 23, 2019

Recently, Sungrow established a local integrated customer service center in phoenix, Arizona, USA. Sungrow is committed to providing high quality local services and support to customers in North America. Realize core value and create more valuable service experience.

After the service center is in Germany, the Philippines, solar power, construction and operating overseas third localization comprehensive service center, with perfect supporting facilities, including local spare parts inventory, the local service center and standardized service 7 * 24 hours technical advisory support, also for the local customers and north American engineers to provide professional technical training, and support customer visit and product display, etc. Series of activities.

"Sungrow has been one of our most trusted and popular suppliers in North America. In addition to exporting top-of-the-line inverter equipment with high reliability and technology to the market, it also provides a full range of localized services to provide better services for operations. Power station for 25 years. Therefore, choosing to cooperate with sunshine supply is a very wise decision! "American customer jaden said.
As a strong force in clean power conversion technology, Sungrow has been committed to providing customers worldwide with first-class products and service experience, constantly close to the needs of customers. At present, sunshine power has established efficient and professional service network in major global markets, providing high value-added localized quality services for global customers, and promoting the rapid development of global clean energy industry.

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